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10 villages to discover

Each village seems to look like one another, and yet, each one is different...

White-washed low houses, green, blue or grey shutters, red-tiled roofs, hollyhocks springing out between the stones of the pavement, narrow, winding streets…



Ré the White Island offers all the pleasures of various watersports. And also the delights of swimming in the ocean. On miles of stunning coastline and sun-drenched beaches!

Ré cannot fail to impress ocean enthusiasts and ardent lovers of all watersports.

With refreshing wind in your hair and your head in the clouds!


"Those holidays on Ré were truly revitalising holidays!

Walking on the shore in the morning. And then swimming in the refreshing waves of the ocean at noon. Next, our boat trips with Robert and the kids..."

north coast

A harbour is often synonymous with imagination, escape.

And our harbours are not an exception to the rule. In the morning, you,ll love our bustling harbours crowded with sailors.

And then, when quaysides are thronged with people.

When night falls, you'll enjoy calm and peace. Close to houses steeped in maritime stories.


"I've loved the picturesque harbour and houses surrounding it! I could have sat there for hours watching the horizon with that getting away from it all, feeling."


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