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A paradise for watersports lovers

Whether they are beginners or professionals

Who speaks about an island, also
speaks about waves and wind.
Who speaks about an island, alsospeaks about waves and wind



The sailing centres of La Flotte, Saint Martin and Ars organise several regattas in which participate numerous

cruising and race boats during the summer: between the months of June and August this year, 14 regattas gathered some 150 boats, that is to say more than 400 participants.

Here, when we speak about rega as, we immediately associate them with Tofinou, the traditional sailing boat of Île de Ré. For 21 years, the Blue Wind Cup is the most famed summer event during which compete some thirty Tofinous. An excuse for a day out or a race with other boats - that is the spirit of the Rétais regattas.


Sailing dinghies

Sailboard, optimist, sailing dinghy or catamaran: any beginner or more experienced sailor will  find lessons and training courses of his(her) choice offered by sailing schools and nautical centres set up in the island. For those who prefer the dry land, they can choose doing sand sailing as the wide beaches at low tide are perfect for this activity. You are never too old to start sailing!

It also possible to hire for a few hours or for one or several days a catamarn with or without a skipper to sail around the island, discover the shoal of Le Bûcheron and the Fiers d’Ars.


Boat trips

Discovering an island from the sea is magical; from the piers of Saint Martin or Rivedoux, motor boats offer several whole day excursions between Pertuis Breton and Pertuis d’Antioche.  These boats dock at the foot of the towers of La Rochelle, the departure point of a walking tour of the ramparts and harbour. They also dock at the wild and preserved island of Aix which is only accessible by the sea, and sail close to Fort Boyard, the “stone boat” built to defend the arsenal of Rochefort.


"We just wanted to do a boat trip but the fishing trip was so inviting… Memorable! And the pleasure to show the fish we had caught: supreme delight!"



For a classical boat trip, numerous clubs provide kayaks. For a more original boat trip, it is possible to rent a canoe to explore the salt marshlands near Loix. Peaceful and quiet trip, respectful of the environment, cradled by the noise of oars cu ing through the water, by the calls of birds living in the marshlands or by the surprising jump of a  fish: young and not so young, energetic and less energetic, this activity is open to all nature lovers.


Surfing / kitesurfing

The waves of some beaches of the island a ract surfing enthusiasts as this sport is benefiting from a new craze: they can plunge into the waves of the beach of Les Grenettes near Bois Plage, at Petit Bec and at the Pointe du Lizay at Les Portes en Ré. Introduction or improved techniques, a surfing school provides equipment rental and lessons at the beach of Gros Jonc at Bois Plage.

A more recent and developing activity is kitesurfing which requires high winds, to pull up the kite, and space, to ensure safety. Kitesurfing schools are situated on the beach of Sablanceaux at Rivedoux, at the Pointe du Groin at Loix, and at Gros Jonc at Les Portes en Ré.


"We came here on impulse – nothing was planned. We found everything on the island… And, she and I, we went away on a sailing boat: destination happiness during two whole days! I’m sure of it: I’ll marry her…"

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