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Cognac & Pineau

It is a world-famous concentrate of magical flavours


Born in the late 16th century, its delightful taste results from double distillation and exceptional qualities of the soil.

More particularly on the island, it is slowly aged in authentic oak vats for a long time. This is an unequalled brandy which can also be perfectly used to flambé shrimps, lobsters, pancakes.


"Like any connoisseur, I gently warm up the glass in my hands and I slowly savour my delicious Rétais Cognac"



It was born 400 years ago because a clumsy winegrower poured grape must into a cask full of Cognac brandy. It was finally a good thing!

We must be grateful to him for such a deliciously flavoured, golden brandy. On Ré it is matured in oak vats in cool, dark warehouses. It is the ideal drink for convivial meals and it is served chilled by Rétais.


"White Pineau or rosé Pineau. Let you captivate by its 100% Rétais taste! And share it with your guests when you are back home. They'll love it!"

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