A long the road, pine trees give way to vineyards and  fields and then the  first houses of the town.

La Flotte really deserves its prize as one of the “most beautiful villages of France”: a lovely marina accommodating some old sailing ships, beautiful houses on the avenue along the seafront, a picturesque paved and half-covered market with its medieval architecture.

After strolling around the streets of the town, if you are always insensitive to the charm of La Flotte, then sit back outside one of the numerous cafés of the harbour and watch the world go by since the atmosphere is unique and indefinable.


TOURIST OFFICE - Quai de Sénac - 17630 LA FLOTTE

Tél. 05 46 09 60 38 - Fax 05 06 09 64 88 - ot.la.flotte@wanadoo.fr

To know more : www.laflotte-iledere.fr

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