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Hikes and walks

By bike or simply on foot!

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Bursting with energy!

Theme walking tours

Ars en Ré

Urban track [ 1hr.

Track of the wild coast [ 2hrs.

Track of the «fi er» and from marshes [ 2hrs. 30 min.

La Flotte

L’Abbaye des Chateliers [ 12 km - 2hrs. 30 min. PR5

Le Bois Plage en Ré

Rambling path [ 11 km

Sainte Marie de Ré

Coastal and Woodland Path Windmill Circuit [ 8 km - 2hr.40 min.

Woodland and Country Path Dune Circuit [ 6 km - 1hr. 30 min.

Tour of alleyways and wells [ 5 itineraries

St Clément des Baleines

Lighthouse and dicovering village [ 4 km - 1hr

Saint Martin de Ré

La Citadelle [ 11 km - 3hrs. PR6

Les Portes en Ré

The village and its alleyways: Within the old village [ 1,5 km - approximately 1hr

The village and the sea: The coast and its monuments  14 km - approximately 4hr

The village and the marshes: Salt cultivation, the fauna, the flora [ 2 km - approximately 1hr

Rivedoux Plage

"Les Gros Peux": Beach and village center [ 5,5 km - 1hr. 50 min.

Coastal Circuit: Countryside and woodland [ 10 km - 2½hrs.

La Couarde sur Mer

Pertuis d’Antioche to Pertuis Breton [ 7 km - 2½hrs.


Maps available from Tourist Office + Topoguide of walking tours in Île de Ré on sale at newsagents and in our booking website.


Barouche rides

And what about a barouche ride to discover Saint Martin? 

This carriage will make you explore the Citadel, go along the ramparts, pass close to the harbour before reaching the old districts located in the upper parts of the town and near the church. Kids will be entranced by a ride around the ramparts on the famous donkeys wearing trousers. In olden times, donkeys were used in the salt marshlands, and the inhabitants protected the beasts’ legs from insect bites by means of suspendered pants manufactured with striped mattress ticking. If nowadays donkeys do not work in marshlands any more, they always revive the tradition.


Theme walking tours

There are wild and magnificent places and beaches, and unspoilt natural spaces just waiting to be discovered by walkers.

For the walkers’ comfort, our most beautiful sites, villages, forests,  fields, and beaches have been marked and signposted. And as we know that time is a bit suspended when we walk, the average time for each walk is indicated.

One never knows…


Between the island and horses, it’s always been a love story…

On Ré, we love the elegance and loyalty of horses, one of man’s best friends… They have found a welcoming land on our island. Riding a horse and watching the wide beaches and forests roll by guarantee a truly unforgettable experience… Equestrian centres abound here.


"It’s name is Joli Jumper… We’ve become friends. It’s been an exhilarating adventure… But, be careful, horse-riding on the beaches is submitted to local regulations!"

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