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Local wines

Aperitifs, table wines or spirits

de Ré wines are a perfect accompaniment to your holidays.
Île de Ré wines are a perfect accompaniment to your holidays


The 650-ha vines were mainly planted in the south of the island, and now produce between 35 to 40 hectolitres of wine each, that is to say 2 million bottles per year.

Half of this surface area consists of black and white grape varieties - merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, négrette, chardonnay, sauvignon – and the other half consists of Ugni Blanc, a particular grape variety for Cognac production. As a matter of fact the  first monks who settled in the island were not wrong: a fertile land with 7 different soils and a sunny climate were favourable to the development of vineyards. And, above all, the quality of wines has greatly improved for about ten years thus consigning to oblivion all local wines which could cause harm to stomachs and tablecloths.


Still wines or sparkling wines, and also Cognac and Pineau – Charente is so close – are produced by the Coopérative which accepts the grapes of only 70 winegrowers, and carries out the operations of pressing and vinification.  Then the bottling process is performed according to the range under the same brand name of ‘Vignerons de l’île de Ré’.



Among the  flagship products are the ‘Rosé des Dunes’ belonging to the ‘Voile’ range and the Pineau ‘Ilrhéa’ each one representing 450,000 bottles.  The ‘Voile’ range, created in 1980, also comprises a red wine, ‘Petit Sergent’, and a white wine, ‘Royal’.  The ‘Soif d’Evasion’ range, the latest one, offers high-quality red, rosé and white wines. Some vintage wines such as ‘Gouverneur’ or ‘Ultimium’ are matured in oak casks, others such as ‘Trousse Chemise’ (white or rosé) are produced according to Champagne method. Several wines have received awards; the Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide rated ‘Rosé des Dunes’ 80/100, and rosé ‘Ilrhéa’ 85/100, and it included ‘Trousse Chemise’ in its selection 2007; ‘Royal’ and rosé ‘Ilrhéa’ rosé were awarded one star by the Guide Hachette des Vins 2008.



In 2009, after a mild spring and a sunny summer, the harvest promises to be very good as far as quality and quantity are concerned. But we will have to wait until 2010 to sample the wines…


Taste them with delight and consume them in moderation!



"White, rosé, red. You can taste every colour. Let you be tempted by their charm! There will be memories of Rétais landscapes on your table throughout the year."

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