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An authentic atmosphere not to be missed!

Whether you are an inhabitant of Île de Ré or not, life on the island would not be the same if markets did not exist.


Of course, the market is the place to do one’s shopping, but also to stroll around the coloured stalls, to meet people, and to have a drink in one of the cafés you will find around the marketplace.


An authentic atmosphere not to be missed!

Some markets take place every day in the morning throughout the year; it is the case at La Flotte, Rivedoux and Sainte Marie. In the other villages of the island, markets take place every day during the tourist season and some others sometimes take place in the evening.


So what can you buy?

Oysters and other shellfish,  fish, salt, wines and other in-season fruit and vegetables, to sum up, all local products. But also clothes, fancy jewelleries, interior decoration items, beach items… In a way, markets are open-air supermarkets where it is pleasant to wander about and where it is possible to hunt out real bargains!


Each village houses a particular market

The market of La Flotte, of medieval inspiration, is set up in a paved and halfcovered marketplace; the market of Ars en Ré is the most popular; the market of Bois-Plage is the most important, the market of La Couarde provides the most family atmosphere, the market of Loix is the most intimate…
In each market, the atmosphere is different and reflects the essence of the village.
And if you take your time, you can even perceive and appreciate it.

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