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Let's enjoy...

from the simplest
to the  nest



Interior design shops or antique shops, junk shops

Ile de Ré is a shopper’s paradise. Because there is an “Île de Ré style”: natural, plain, elegant, and not  ashy. Furniture made of raw wood or wood with patina, noble materials, pastel colours with some brighter colours … Some interior design shops give advice to their customers on the layout of their house




In Île de Ré, everything is possible for the pleasure of the eyes and taste buds.

Nearly a thousand places to eat, from the simplest to the  nest, o er an impressive range of dishes in a variety of decors for gourmets of all ages.


A gourmet dinner?
A bistro or a table outside a café in the harbour?
A restaurant right by the sea?
A hut in the marshlands to sample oysters informally?
A trendy place?...


Seafood and  fish are local specialities – Ré is an island – and also local produce such as potatoes cooked with infinite imagination by chefs and seasoned with salt  ower and then washed down with a ‘Rétais’ wine.
Classical food should also be mentioned for those who feel peckish between two activities: crêpes, pizzas, mussels and chips…
And for those who have a sweet tooth, they will enjoy eating an ice-cream at any time of the day while walking around the harbour




La Maline

Located at La Couarde, in the very heart of the island, La Maline is not a simple concert hall, but a real cultural place with rich, original and high-quality programmes, which do not neglect kids, particularly in summer.

Some inhabitants of La Rochelle are happy to cross the bridge and attend shows.

It is not rare that groups of artists come and polish up their forthcoming show, thus o ering their public the opportunity of a preview performance

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