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Three establishments to offer a large range of treatements

  • Photo : Relais Thalasso Ile de Ré

The top quality of seawater, the wonderfully pure air and atmosphere saturated with iodine, the exceptionally preserved environment


Did you know? ...


... that it is impossible to reconstitute seawater as it is composed of mineral salts?  THat it also contains phytoplanktons releasing antibacterial and antiviral substances? That one kilo of seaweed contains as much iodine as 100,000 litres of seawater? That marine muds, by retaining water and heat, have an important analgesic power against rheumatisms?  That the skin, in a bath at 37°, assimilates oligo-elements 10 times quicker than in a classical bath in the sea?


A thalassotherapy course of treatment has medically recognized beneficial effects on metabolism and it has a positive action on the skin, joints and muscles as well as on all the other organs of the body. It is rare to have contraindications to this course of treatment.

Thanks to a wide window opening onto the Atlantic Ocean, thalassotherapy developped in our region, and Île de Ré alone boasts three very renowned establishments offering classical treatments – revitalising, young mother, anti-stress, slimming – and special treatments – healthy back, light legs – with individual and group treatments – massage, modelling, jet baths and showers, seaweed wraps, marine muds.

As wellness usually goes hand in hand with beauty, a large selection of beauty treatments is added to thalassotherapy treatments, all of them always practised by caring, a entive and qualified staff .



Visit our booking website for more details and to book some treatements.


"Did you notice the splendid complexion and the wonderful physical fitness of those who come back from a thalassotherapy holiday‏ Above all if they've gone to Ré... "

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