1 island, 10 villages

Between the ocean, salty marshes, dunes and forests, explore Ile de Ré’s ten villages.     

Very popular for the high rate of annual sunshine, fine sandy beaches and outstanding natural beauty, Ile de Ré is the perfect holiday destination. 

A jewel in the crown of Charente Maritime, off the coast of La Rochelle, Ile de Ré has ten traditional villages. Surrounded by the charm of Ile de Re’s varied landscapes, each village has its own individual character. Undeniably similar, and yet each with its own special atmosphere.  Take time to wander around each one!

Discover the ten villages scattered across the 89 km2 of Ile de Ré.

“Where do I start? A brief overview to inspire you to visit each village during your stay. ”

Ile de Ré is a blend of marine and rural panoramas, moors, dunes, woodlands, pine forests, marshes and vast beaches of fine sand. There are also ten charming typical villages with traditional white houses and their green shutters in flowered alleys which have crossed the centuries of the island’s history. The island is also known as ‘Ré la Blanche’ inspired by the typical architecture with white houses and villages.    

A breathtaking mosaic of landscapes, unique island heritage and a palette of brilliant colours to behold. A preserved lifestyle, a rich history, and culinary traditions to discover during your holidays or a weekend break.
Due to its location in the Atlantic ocean and the warm current of the Gulf Stream along the coast, Ile de Ré benefits from a mild climate all year round. The island has almost 2,600 hours of sunshine per year, hoisting it to the same level as Corsica and southeastern France. The very hot weather in summer is tempered by the proximity to the sea, and winters are mild.

Discover Ile de Ré - an exotic getaway all year round!

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