Spring outings on the Ile de Ré

Walking gets tiring after a while... except on the Ile de Ré

Spring outings on the Ile de Ré


Imagine walking, running or cycling with family and friends along coastline trails bursting with historic sites. The unique and sumptuous scenery on each of these trips will transport you to another world!

Cycle rides

Cycling is an art on the Ile de Ré! If you fancy a change from the traditional beach trip, we’ve prepared 8 special routes for you with themes such as “The Mysteries of Rivedoux-Plage”, “The Forest Trail” and “The Tasty Trail”!

Hiking trails

Those of you who love hiking and nature will find that the Ile de Ré is perfect for getting off the beaten track!

Discover 13 original and unusual routes like: “The History of the Wells of Les Portes-en-Ré”, “Between the Vineyards and the Ocean”, and even a special trip for younger ones, “Buggies and Scooters in Rivedoux-Plage”.