Ile de Ré potatoes AOP

Taste the potato of Ile de Ré!

La pomme de terre primeur AOP de l'Ile de Ré

The early potato AOP producers Ile de Ré is a local specialty sought after by gourmets.

The soft flesh with a very specific, refined taste that comes from soil which is swept by the spray of the sea and benefits from beautiful sunshine, a mild climate and the AOC designation, are the key attributes of Ile de Ré potato. The history of this potato is also the history of the local people. It is grown by 35 dedicated farmers who work 150 acres from a total of 900 in rotation, which have been designated by the AOC.

Every year on a weekend in spring, the Ile de Ré locals celebrate the arrival of the first potato, with gourmet surprises and a bicycle ride to the spot where the first potato was found. To preserve their special character, the potatoes are harvested before 31 July.

Great chefs create original recipes for the AOC potatoes, and it is found on all of the gourmet tables in the region.