Oysters of Ile de Ré

Les Huîtres et l'Ostréiculture par @Lesley Williamson

The oysters of l'Ile de Ré

The oyster, an essential product from our isolated land, lives off the coast before it is refined in clear water, where it takes on an incredible green colour from the water, as well as the flavour of the sea and hazelnuts. The work of the oyster farmers coincides with the tides; they regularly tend to the oyster beds, which are visible at tow tide all over the island.

The flavour of the oyster depends on whether it is farmed on rocks or sand, off the seashore (fine oysters) or in the marshes (clear, fine oysters or special oysters). Their flavours also vary with the seasons: sometimes mild and meaty, sometimes iodized and natural, the oysters are a veritable icon of Ile de Ré and are consumed all year round, whether lean or milky, according to taste and month.

Before the oyster arrives on your plate, three years have passed. Three years of breeding that require the oyster farmer patience and renewed care: climatic hazards, the fight against predators, customary gestures ...

During your walks or by bike, take the time of a gourmet break at oyster producers to enjoy oysters, shellfish and crustaceans in front of the ocean or in the middle of the marshes. This is also the art of living in Ile de Ré!