A voyage of discovery "en famille"

Randojeu, Ile de Ré

RandoJeu: Go on an adventure!

Randojeu - discover the Ile de Ré

Spend 1 to 4 days journeying all around the Ile de Ré, exploring the island, learning and sharing your discoveries, and of course, having fun! 

10 villages, 11 routes (one for every village, and one big route around the whole island). 

The routes start at 2.2 km and go up to 12km and last from 1 hour 15 minutes to 3 hours and 45 minutes. They are open to all and suitable for those with reduced mobility and pushchairs. You can also complete six of the eleven courses by bike.

School trips, birthday parties, professional gatherings, team-building... There's always a good reason to play a game of Randojeu!

Where can I get a RandoJeu ?

Pocket games: available in the 10 reception centres on the Ile de Ré: €4.90 for one game or €11.90 for three. 

The mobile app: you can also download our free app.