Things to do in Charente-Maritime when it’s raining

It’s raining... Don’t panic!

The sun is never far away and always ends up driving away the clouds.

In the meantime, it’s the holidays, so we’re not going to stay cooped up inside!  !

Here’s a list of things to do:  : 

The Aquarium

Visit one of Europe’s biggest private aquariums. Travel to the heart of the ocean...take a dreamy journey into the deep, and learn all about the ocean.

Maritime Museum

Take off for an adventure...both on the land and afloat! On the land, you will find exhibitions and original scenes for learning about maritime history. And afloat? Visit the floating ships for a unique experience!

Natural History Museum

Established in the heart of the city nearly nearly two centuries ago, it is a venue for conservation, presentation and the exchange of knowledge.

La Rochelle Bunker

Right in the heart of the city centre, the 300m2 bunker presents the history of La Rochelle since the Second World War. Built secretly by the Germans in 1941 to store bombs, the bunker has not changed since 1945. And now it’s open to the public!

Fine Arts Museum

The Fine Arts museum is located in the Crussol d’Uzès mansion, an episcopal palace built under the reign of Louis XVI, where a rich panorama of European painting from the 15th to 20th century can be viewed.

New World Museum

The museum is housed in the 16th-century Hôtel Fleuriau mansion. Created in 1982, the New World museum recounts the relations that France, and more particularly the city of La Rochelle, has maintained with the American continent since the 16th century.

Rochefort Royal Rope Factory

The former rope factory is situated in a 374-metre-long building in the heart of the Rochefort Maritime Arsenal. Listed as a historical monument, a vast fun and educational exhibition explains the operations of the longest factory in Europe in the 17th century.


Discover Hermione - the frigate for freedom! It was aboard the Hermione that La Fayette travelled in 1780 to join American rebels fighting for their independence.

The national marine museum and naval medicine school museum

The national marine museum and naval medicine school museum is one of a kind in France! The school has remained unchanged since the beginning of the 19th century. This extraordinary site unveils a dense history where science meets technique, politics and society.

Museum of the old trades

Discover how business was done in bygone days with thousands of advertising items, life-size reconstituted shops, etc.

Matata Grottos

Be absorbed by history and legends in this unusual attraction between Royan and Talmont!

Regulus Grottos

In Meschers-sur-Gironde, discover the history and legends of the Meschers grottos: geology, estuary fishing, plaice, open-air dance halls, troglodyte dwellings, and more.

The Paleosite

Travel back to prehistoric time. The Paléosite is a museum and interpretation centre entirely dedicated to Neanderthal man.

The Escape Hunt Experience La Rochelle

Play at being a detective with friends or family! A life-size escape game where you search for clues and keys, rummage around the decor, and assemble objects to escape, and as quick as you can!