A.N.C.R.E Maritaise

A.N.C.R.E Maritaise ©

For nature lovers and wildlife explorers

L’A.N.C.R.E Maritaise
(acronym for Arts Nature Culture Search Locks)

Located by Montamer beach and open from Easter to All Saints’ Day, the programme includes free confe- rences, permanent or temporary themed exhibitions, fish lock tours, children’s workshops, films or nature guided walks are organized to make visitors aware of the protected insular environment.

Four associations recognized for naturalistic, environmentalist and patrimonial purpose are gathered within the A.N.C.R.E Maritaise including 3 associations of the island: the ADEPIR, Nature Ré Environnement, the Tardigrades and the national association LPO (bird protection league).
They work to educate visitors about the biodiversity of the island and its safeguarding.

Permanent and temporary thematic exhibitions, naturalistic outings, guided tours of fish locks, conferences, shows and workshops, all of which will immerse you in the unspoilt nature of Île de Ré..

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