La Maison du Fier – National Nature Reserve Lilleau des Niges

Birds on the beach by François Blanchard

Located in the natural reserve, the Maison du Fier (House of the Bay) is a museum space set in a former salt warehouse.

. Surrounded by nature, it is a place dedicated to exploring local biodiversity and the rich diversity of ecosystems: dunes, salt marshes, forest, foreshore… Themed walks are organized by the Bird Protection League (LPO) to observe birds in their natural environment with a wildlife expert.

Managed by the Birds Protection League, the natural reserve of Lilleau des Niges is made of former salt marshes and wetlands, home to thousands of migrating species on their migratory route between the Artic and Africa and permanent seabirds alike. Follow a wide network of walking paths accessible for free to explore this unique biodiversity and changing landscapes in all seasons.

Ile de Ré is located on one of the main flyways of Europe, it's an indispensable link between the Arctic and Africa!

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