Preserved and living nature

A mosaic of breathtaking scenery!

Nestling in the Pertuis d'Antioche and Pertuis Breton straits, Ile de Ré shares both a seafaring and insular identity.

A true “pearl of the Atlantic” it is home to a variety of contrasting landscapes which are accessible to everyone and a source of infinite and unsuspected pleasures.

The landscapes of Ile de Ré have a history that has evolved over time and been shaped by events, the course of history, as well as the local climate and economy. The passage of time has witnessed the growth of fauna and flora and a wealth of rare species, some of which are unique in France, and which form the remarkable biodi-versity of the island's unspoilt na-tural landscape.

Ile de Ré is part of the Gironde Estuary and the Pertuis Marine Nature Reserve, which was created in April 2015, and aims to ensure both the protection and sustainable development of this extensive maritime region and to support local scientific research.

Far more than just a “picture postcard resort”, the scenery of the island is for visitors to discover, to smell, to admire, to listen to and to taste ... all year round, whether you're travelling alone or with your family, and offers unique and unforgettable experiences.


The sea and the coastline are, of course, the islands most immediate attractions. Famed for its beautiful beaches, the island is also distinguished by its infinite estuary, by turns rocky and muddy, which is revealed at low tide and is an excellent place to take a stroll or go fishing. 

The charming fishing ports of Ars-en-Ré, Saint-Martin-de-Ré, and La Flotte live to the rhythm of the tides, and like the Fier d'Ars bay, this "inland sea", is home to landscapes that have been shaped by both man and water.

The salt marshes of Ile de Ré are one of its “trademarks”, and are mainly to be found in its northern part. 

The marshes are home to a variety of plant life and are a source of nourishment for the birds that visit them all year round. 

Whether you’re cycling, walking, paddling or canoeing by kayak in the marshes, somewhere between the sea, the land and the sky, you will be touched by the peaceful ambience and will probably see the traditional salt-making techniques, whether it is the coarse sea salt or the Fleur de sel which suffuses the sea...