Our commitments

With the aim to improve the quality of our services through customer feedback, the ‘Destination Ile de Ré’ tourist information centre participates in a quality control procedure to guarantee:

  • a warm welcome,
  • attentive personnel,
  • communication in foreign languages,
  • personalised services,
  • clear and precise information,
  • a clean and comfortable environment,
  • discovery of the destination,
  • consideration of visitors’ feedback.

The whole team strives to improve the quality of the reception we provide to visitors, with added value provided by our assistants’ knowledge of their island, personalised attention and human contact.

If you have visited one of our ten tourist information centres, please take a couple of minutes to fill in our satisfaction survey. :-)


Please feel free to click and register your suggestions, complaints or thanks here.

All suggestions, complaints and thanks and the satisfaction surveys are processed, analysed and summarised for:

  • The local quality control group comprising representatives of local businesses in both the economic and tourist fields, elected representatives, and members of the ‘Destination Ile de Ré’ tourist information centre and the quality control manager. The group meets at least twice a year to resolve problems and to find ways to improve.
  • The management of the tourist information centre receives all this data directly in order to generate effective corrective actions.
  • The employees of the tourist information centre also receive all this information in order to be able to make propositions for improving the quality of our services.

Please communicate any recommendations for improving your holiday on Ile de Ré to our Idea Box.