Map of cycling routes

Map of cycling routes
Cycling is undoubtedly the best way to travel around the Ile de Ré, to stop wherever and whenever you want! Along the 138km of trails between coastline, vineyards, alleys and salt marshes, no doubt you will cross memorable landscapes! Have a good trip!

- Find all the good practices and barrier gestures on the official website of the French Cycling Federation here! ici ! 
  • When stopped, I stay 1.5 meters away from all other people
  • When riding, I ride at least 10 meters from another cyclist
  • I greet other cyclists without shaking hands, hugging, or checking
  • Before and after my cycling, I wear a mask if I am in a place frequented by the public
  • I clean my hands and my equipment before and after my activity
  • When I get home after training, I shower systematically and thoroughly