Getting around to Ile de Ré

Get around Ile de Ré and participate actively in its preservation!

The best way to enjoy your holiday on this mini paradise is to park your car and try the alternative modes of transport proposed.

For example, to get from the centre to the beach, or from your accommodation to the market, heat-powered and electric shuttle services are provided in peak season, and other shuttle services provide transport between the villages. Finally, the regular Kéolis bus services the whole island.

Buses and shuttle services

Hop on and off the KEOLIS - LES MOUETTES bus all over Ile de Ré! Line 3 stops in the 10 villages on the island every day for €1 per person per trip (on the island) and for €5 per person per return trip if you leave the island.

Bridge shuttle service

The RespiRé shuttle crosses the bridge from the Belvédère car park (La Rochelle) and the Sablanceaux car park (Ile de Ré) for a fixed price of €1. See calendar for operating periods.
From 8th July to 3rd September, a shuttle takes you and your bike across the bridge in a specially adapted vehicle for €1 per trip.

Village shuttle service

Quick, intelligent and ecological: free electric shuttles transport residents and visitors from one stop to another inside the villages.

The Circulaire shuttle service

The free electric Circulaire shuttle service provides transport between Saint-Martin-de-Ré, La Flotte, Sainte-Marie-de-Ré and Le Bois-Plage
This service is open from 1st April for 3 of the island villages: La Flotte, Loix and Sainte-Marie-de-Ré; and for the rest of the island from 7th July to 3rd September.

VéloMouettes bike shuttle service

From 6th July to 31st August, the VéloMouettes shuttle service proposes 3 circuits which travel between the cyclist information points on the island for €1 per trip per person.

Choose from a wide selection of transports for getting around and enjoying your stay in the Ile de Ré ! :

- Line 3, from La Rochelle.

- Ré Express : a direct connection between La Rochelle train station and ten towns of Ile de Ré. - Shuttles of Sainte Marie de Ré, La Flotte and Loix villages stop often along the way.


The most typical mode of transport on the island is the bike - ecological, practical, sporty...and often faster than the car in busy periods. With over 100 km of safe marked bike paths, and many bike hire shops proposing a wide range of bikes, including electrically assisted bikes, everyone can explore the whole island by bike.

On foot

Given the moderate distances, walking is the best way to visit the villages and stay in shape at the same time.