Getting to Ile de Ré

Welcome to l'Ile de Ré

All you need to know about getting to Ile de Ré

Ile de Ré is in the centre of the Atlantic coastline, halfway between Nantes and Bordeaux. A bridge connects the island to the mainland, making access easy from La Rochelle.

Inaugurated on 19th May 1988, the Ile de Ré bridge measures 2,926.5 metres and peaks at 42 metres above sea level. It links the small town of La Repentie, near the port of La Pallice north-west of La Rochelle, to the point of Sablanceaux in Rivedoux-Plage, east of Ile de Ré.

An environmental tax finances the bridge. With pre-emption rights on endangered natural areas and their management by the coastline authority; work carried out by eco rangers who brief tourists and residents about preserving the environment and biodiversity (fauna and flora); the RespiRé, an electric shuttle which provides bridge crossings (€1 per person); and the electric shuttles between and in the villages... all contribute to the island’s comprehensive environmental policy.

The best way to enjoy your holiday on this mini paradise is to park your car and try the alternative modes of transport proposed.