Rézo Pouce

Daily hitchhiking on the Ile de Ré !

Rézo Pouce : Daily hitchhiking on the Ile de Ré

Do you have an appointment but no means of transportation to get there? Try Rezo Pouce! Starting in September, this organized hitchhiking system, which complements existing transportation services, is being deployed on the island of Ré.

How does it work?

Rézo Pouce : Daily hitchhiking on the Ile de Ré

48 stops (between four and six per municipality) are marked with a Rezo Pouce sign throughout the island. Located near bus stops to encourage intermodality, Rezo Pouce stops meet safety requirements (accessibility for pedestrians, visibility of hitchhikers by motorists, possibility for drivers to stop safely...)

Drivers interested in the system can register online or at the town hall in order to obtain a membership card, a sticker to place on the windshield and a sign indicating their destination.

Passengers can also register in order to be able to enter their location and travel needs on the dedicated mobile application, which drivers can then consult.


However, these steps are not mandatory. Any driver can open the door of his vehicle to hitchhikers. The latter do not necessarily have to be registered with Rézo Pouce to get on board. This formalism simply makes it possible to develop and secure a practice that meets a real mobility challenge.

In a rural area with major road facilities, Rezo Pouce is an effective complement to existing transportation services. And its advantages are numerous: the fight against auto-soloing, a reduction in the number of vehicles on the roads, a vector of social ties... all within reach of a thumb!