A generous and well preserved Nature

alexanders Ile de Ré by Maeva VILLENEUVE

The vastness of the natural environment on the Ile de Ré makes it one of the best preserved in Europe.

Le Bois-Plage : forest by Bernard Collin

Admire the generous and well preserved Nature

Live and breathe the omnipresent nature on this island, rich in distinct places like the bank of Bûcheron, a sand spit which extends out into the ocean, conservation sites like the natural reserve of Lilleau de Niges or the wild pinewoods and national forests.

North, between Couarde and Portes-en-Ré

the salt marshes and mudflats of the nature reserve spread out as far as the eye can see.

An indispensable link between the Arctic and Africa, situated on one of the principal migration routes in Europe, large populations of migratory and sedentary birds and stopover to rest and recuperate before continuing their long journey.