Explore the islands on foot

Ile de Ré coastal road

If walking is your passion, there’s no better place to indulge than Ile de Ré

There are more than 150 kms of nature trails and offer fantastic opportunities to walk it length and breadth : the coastline and dunes of Saint Marie, ancient woodlands at le Lizay and wildflower meadows, the woods at Trousse Che-mise or the fortifications of Saint-Martin, home to a variety of wild flowers and butterflies. If you’re looking for walks with added interests such as bird-watching or wildlife, you may want to join a guided walking tours available throughout the year with our resident ornithologists and naturalists who pro-vide invaluable insights into our history, heritage and wildlife.

Bring your curiosity and your thirst for freedom by going through the thousand and one paths of the Ile de Ré in sports hikes, family outings or nature outings supervised by a specialized speaker, whether eco-volunteer of the League of Protection of Birds (LPO), ecogarde or naturalist.

The magic of walking is also the meetings...

Find the hiking guide of the French Federation of hiking for sale in the tourist information offices.