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  • ARDEVAC - Equestrian circus school & Professional training organization

    "The teacher must not only be able to make the wishes and dreams of a student come true, but more importantly, bring to life in him what he did not imagine."

    ARDEVAC organizes since 2012 professional aerobatics and acrobatics courses on horseback in a circle on a 13 meter track.

    In 2019, the CNAC, National Center for Circus Arts, implemented two certifications "Techniques and interpretations of equestrian arts" and "Creation of a circus show".
    Since January 2020, Ardevac has been accredited as a Training Organization for the certification “Techniques and interpretations of equestrian arts”.

    Today these internships allow the validation of skills in techniques and interpretations of the equestrian arts recorded at the RSCH (Specific Register of Certifications and Empowerment) and ultimately, allow the obtaining of a certification recognized by the State.

    All training is inspired by the experience of Manu Bigarnet, former student of the very first promotion of the CNAC (1985-1990).

    In collaboration with many speakers recognized by the artistic profession, the Ardevac school takes a precise look at an educational pedagogy where versatility, specialization and physical performance are used for artistic creation.

    "Pedagogy is an art, a means for everyone to pursue their artistic adventure essential to innovation."

    Next trainings to come:

    - "VOLTIGE ON HORSE" COURSE (5 days - 30 hours):
    from September 21 to 25, 2020 in Loix.
    from 2 to 6 November 2020 in Loix.
    This training is for people in good physical condition wishing to discover this learning technique, share a passion, live a unique experience with the horse.
    For experienced artists-acrobats-acrobats, it is also an opportunity to learn new figures in a varied discipline.

    - "DISCOVERY OF A PEDAGOGY" COURSE (5 days - 25 hours)
    From September 14 to 18, 2020 in Loix.
    This training is intended for professional teachers and / or equestrian instructors wishing to develop this activity in their own place and who want to follow the course "Training of trainers", to confirmed artists-acrobats-acrobats wishing to discover this pedagogy, to artists budding who could orient themselves in the profession "equestrian artists".

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    • On an island
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