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  • Harmonize your body and your mind

    courses from april to end of september

    Harmonize your body and your mind through a wilderness practice on the island of Ré. Rejuvenate with a session for all ages and all levels.

    We seek at the heart of the practice to rebuild, strengthen, fluidify all the systems of our body (muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive, endocrine etc), reconnect with the fallow areas in our body, so that our vital energy Prana can circulate without hindrance.

    Sessions take place all season:
    BEACH GROS JONC Wood Beach, BEACH REGLISSE in Rivedoux, IN ROOM at La Flotte

    In case of doubt about weather or any other information, do not hesitate to contact me at

    Particular session and / or at home possible (beginner to advanced, yoga therapy, senior, pregnant women)

    Court at SAINT MARTIN and LA COUARDE at
    and ARS, ST CLEMENT and the DOORS at

    See you soon :)

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    • At the seaside
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    15 €
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