Bike hire and cycling paths

A cyclist’s paradise

Ile de Ré by bike by Lesley williamson

Cycling is the best way to explore the outstanding beauty of Ile de Ré.

A diverse collection of magnificent landscapes with wild moors, salt marshes, woodlands, beaches and charming little villages. Ile de Ré is 30 km long and almost completely flat - the peak is 19-metres-high! With over 110 km of cycling paths, it’s a cyclist’s paradise.

Even if you are not very sporty, you can explore Ile de Ré by bike.

Friendly professionals

Ile de Ré has ten villages, interconnected by a network of cycling paths. Tourist information centres in each village provide cycling route maps. Our trip advisers can recommend pretty routes for visiting the villages and other picturesque sites: marinas, vineyards, the Phare des Baleines (whale lighthouse), remarkable church towers, chapels, ex-voto offerings for sailors, forests, salt marshes, natural reserves, beaches, and more. The island is criss-crossed by countless tranquil little roads where cycling is a pleasure. Come and see us at the tourist centre - we are open all year round!


Security is top priority

Separate from the main roads, cycling paths on Ile de Ré are reserved for cyclists only.

They are clearly marked throughout the island.

Be particularly careful at junctions and roundabouts. If you follow a few simple rules, use your common sense, and have the right equipment, you can cycle safely around Ile de Ré and discover all the natural beauty the island has to offer.

And during summer there is a bus service if you are tired of cycling - it takes you back to your starting point. You can leave by bike and return by bus, or the opposite. This service is practical if you are thinking about cycling around the whole 30 km of the island to explore the more remote and secret corners of the island.

Discover remarkable natural sites accessible on foot or by bike only.

Gourmet stops

Refreshing and gourmet stops are essential when cycling in the sun.

Stop to taste local fare as you pass through villages, vineyards and oyster farms serving their produce.

All aboard for a two-wheel adventure and a well-deserved gourmet break.