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Nature and relaxation ,  Sports activities at Saint-Martin-de-Ré

  • The entire universe consists of five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth.

    In our body, these five elements are transformed into biological elements grouped in the form of energies or «moods» called dosha (Pitta, Kapha, vata).

    The Ayurvedic approach of yoga makes it possible to integrate the health principles of Ayurveda by acting on dosha.

    Yoga sessions are available to beginners.

    Emotions management workshops and a tour of the most attractive corners of the island complete the course.

    Group of maximum 8 persons.

    Course rate: 580 €. Deposit of 150 € to registration. Breakfast included.

    Armel Lucas: 06 60 92 22 84 terredames@gmail.com - www.terredames.fr - www.coachdeletre.com

    Cathy Gobert : 06 29 55 02 50 yoganatureharmonie@gmail.com - www.yoganatureharmonie.com
  • Environment
    • In a village
    • On an island
  • From September 10, 2019 until September 15, 2019