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Historic site and monument ,  House ,  Town, village, neighbourhood at La Couarde-sur-Mer

  • Discover the sundials of restored houses!

    In the vicinity of our alleys, think of observing the walls of our old restored houses! You may discover some of our many sundials ...

    Here are some addresses:
    •15, rue Pasteur : Dial of the afternoon, engraved and painted
    •6, grande rue : declining morning dial, whitewashed, little legible
    •22, cours des Poilus : on an entrance pillar - a polyhedral block with two dials
    •2, rue du Ventoux : dial engraved on stone, fronton in hat of gendarme, decor, style in shark wing
    •8, rue du Ventoux : orientated southern dial, dated 1779 ... and many more to discover for yourself!
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